Wood Pellets

Pellets are granules of a circular cross-section made from clean sawdust with no chemical admixtures or bonding agents. They are a so called “liquid wood” which provides a similar heating comfort as liquid or gaseous fuels. Pellets are made by drying or moisturising sawdust to the required moisture content and then pressing it under high pressure into the final shape.

By their calorific value, pellets are somewhere between black and brown coal. However, they have a higher combustion efficiency.

Wood-based fuels are highly ecological and contain no sulphur or heavy metals. When burning, only a small quantity of carbon dioxide is released.

Pellets are suitable for stoves and boilers with automatic control and a stoking bunker.

Wood pellet parameters

  • Size: averaga 6 mm, lenght 3,15 - 40,00 mm
  • Calorific value: 17,7 MJ/kg
  • Moisture content: 6,1 %
  • Mechanical strenght: 98,6 %
  • Fine particulates: 0,2 %
  • Solid waste (ash): 0,37 %
  • Brentop Premium heating pellets made from clean coniferous tree sawdust meet the requirements of EN 17225-2 certification ENplus - the best quality

Wood pellet packaging

  • Bulk
  • In 1000 kg big bags
  • In 15 kg plastic bags