Wood Briquettes – squared

Briquettes are pressed wood cubes made from clean sawdust without any chemical admixtures or bonding agents. They are made by drying or moisturising sawdust to the required moisture content and then pressing it under high pressure into the final shape. They burn gradually from the surface towards the middle, and thus prolong the time of combustion and maintain a stable room temperature for a protracted period of time.

Wood-based fuels are highly ecological and contain no sulphur or heavy metals. When burning, only a small quantity of carbon dioxide is released.

Briquettes are suitable for classic stoves, boilers and open fireplaces. When burning, they increase their volume, therefore we recommend to fill the combustion space to half full only.

Wood briquette parameters

  • Dimension: 90 × 65 × 153 mm
  • Calorific value: 17.5 – 19 MJ/kg
  • Moisture content: 7 %
  • Ash content: 0.3 %
  • Ash left from heating briquettes produced from clean spruce sawdust and shavings can be used as fertiliser

Wood briquette packaging

  • In 10 kg plastic bags