Wood Briquettes – cylinder

Briquettes are charakterized by the dark colour of hardwood and a high pressing. This combination provides longer time of burning and ignition. Pure spruce sawdust (oak, beech tree).

The briquettes are intended to hold a long and stable room temperature and they are suitable for all kinds of burners. If necessary they can be broken into smaller pieces. The burner is filled to  about halfe capacity with briquettes (during burning they enlarge). Store in a dry place.

Wood briquette parameters

  •     Calorific value: 17.5 – 19 MJ/kg
  •     Moisture content: 8 %
  •     Ash content: 0.35 %

Wood briquette packaging

  •     In 10 kg plastic bags
  •     various loose and/or palletised materials