We honour our long-standing tradition in wood production

SUBLIMA CZ, s.r.o. is one of the two dominant producers of impregnated wood products on the Czech market.  Above all, we use pressure impregnation technology for railway sleepers, posts and palisades. Other products include the manufacture of panels or so-called blockboards, which are mainly sold to foreign customers for further processing. The premises are also equipped with a wide range of support technology such as a pellet room, peeling machine, cutting saw, band-saw, drying room and joinery. Sawdust and wood chips left over from production are subsequently further processed for ecological energy use.


The joint stock company, SUBLIMA was founded in 1932 with capital stock of CZK 5,100,000, of which CZK 2,600,000 was subscribed by the Czechoslovak state. At the time, this semi-state form of business, a substitute industry for the state-owned mines in Příbram, proved to be a very good choice.

Akcie_SUBLIMA Březnice

SUBLIMA, a joint stock company, was founded in the spring of 1932 with share capital 5,100,000 crowns, of which 2,600,000 crowns was subscribed by the Czechoslovak state. At that time this parastatal form of corporation, a substitute industry for the state-owned mines in Příbram, proved to be a very good choice.

Through the founding of the SUBLIMA treatment plant in Březnice, a unique invention of the architect Karel Bubla, preserving wood with a sublimate, found a practical application. This also opened an opportunity to give work to the many miners who had lost their jobs as a consequence of curbing operations in the Příbram silver and lead mines. Sublimate, a substance used in the architect Bubla’s invention, lent the new firm its name, SUBLIMA. However in the locality of the original 1932 treatment station today stands a new treatment line which uses different preservatives to protect wood.

Since its founding, SUBLIMA has gone through many organisational changes due to the changes in ownership and changes of the Regions to which Březnice administratively belonged. In 2011 the energy group KOMTERM acquired a 100% stake in the company. The new owner has developed in the facility a modern pelleting line for the production of wood pellets.
In spite of all the changes in arrangements, legal forms and ownerships, SUBLIMA has retained its name and its exceptional position as a treatment plant, and has expanded from the eleven hectares it occupied at the time of its foundation, to almost three times that area.


SUBLIMA Březnice plant SUBLIMA Březnice plant
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